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Picked Last For Sport is a teeny tiny production company with huge ambitions. Founders, Ryan Smith and Sarah Wall, hope to entertain, educate and encourage through different mediums, be it theatre, music or film. Picked Last For Sport is a collaborative space where we create and perform with an ever changing group of talented people.

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Ryan Smith

Picked Last for Sport - Ryan
Orange Picked Last for Sport

Ryan is a writer, director, actor and stand-up comedian. He has performed in numerous productions in Melbourne and rural areas. Ryan debuted his one man show Bipolar Bear in 2016 with large success at the Melbourne Fringe Festival as well as touring it to rural areas. He is currently touring with Messenger Dogs, performing as Bullet and Dobson. He also co-manages and owns his own production company, Picked Last for Sport. Creatures of the Deep is Picked Last For Sport’s debut show.

Sarah Edgar

Picked Last for Sport - Sarah Edgar
Orange Picked Last for Sport

Sarah Wall is a Creative Arts graduate of La Trobe University, who spends most of her time writing songs and coming up with ideas for creative projects. After helping put together Creatures of the Night Cabaret for the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival, she wanted to continue to create with her talented friends thus the idea forCreatures of the Deep was born. Sarah, along with fellow creator and cast member Ryan Smith, also launched the small production company, Picked Last For Sport, earlier this year, in the hopes of continuing the work that she loves best with like minded individuals. 

Sean Sully

Picked Last for Sport - Sean Sully
Orange Picked Last for Sport

Sean has been performing for most of his life, he is a songwriter and musician, playing with disco/funk band China Beach every weekend around Melbourne. He met all of the cast after casting them in university Cabarets during their time studying Arts at La Trobe University. As an actor most recently he played Feste in GJ Production’s Twelfth Night at Fairfield Boathouse. He’s once again overjoyed to be working with Ryan and Sarah, after many years creative relationship with them, and is excited to finally be part of a cabaret at Butterfly Club.

Jake Edgar

Picked Last for Sport
Orange Picked Last for Sport

Jake is a graduate of La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Drama. He spent much of his time at La Trobe performing in Student Theatre productions amidst his fellow Creatures of the Deep cast members. He is thrilled to be performing in the Melbourne Fringe Festival once again after performing in 2017’s Creatures of The Night Cabaret. He is delighted to be a part of a project which actively encourages sustainable theatre and promotes environmentally friendly practices.

Cat Sanzaro

Picked Last for Sport - Cat Sanzaro
Orange Picked Last for Sport

Cat studied theatre throughout her time at La Trobe University and has been a singer/songwriter from a young age. She released her solo debut EP Good Together in February 2018. Comprised of 4 tracks this EP explores a roots driven sound blended with pop melodies. You can listen to these tracks via Spotify and iTunes. She was involved in last year’s production of Creatures of the Night Cabaret for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017 and contributed to its original music.